Writing a Business Letter – Parts of a Letter

Writing a Business Letter’s – Business Letters

Types of Letters
Importance of a Letter
Parts of a Letter

Business Letters Definition

A written or printed communication directed to a person or organization. The business letter is the basic means of communication between two companies. Most business letters have a formal tone.

Types of Letters

Personal Business Letter

A personal-business letter is a letter that is sent from an individual to a person or business/organization.

Business Letter

A business letter is sent from a business or organization to another or to an individual.

The Importance Of Letters

  1. Letters represent your company’s public image and your competence.
  2. Letters are more personal than a report.
  3. Letters constitute an official legal record of an agreement.
  4. Letters provide a wide range of corporate information.

Why Do You Write Business Letters

Why Do You Write Business Letters

Parts of a Business Letter

Business Letters consist of two parts:
1. Major/Essential Parts
2. Non-Essential Parts (Optional)
Let us discuss each one in detail.

Essential Parts of Business Letter

  1. Heading-Letter Head (The Sender’s Address)
  2. Date Line
  3. Inside Address
  4. Salutation
  5. Body
  6. Complimentary Closing
  7. Signature
  8. Writer’s Identification

1. The Letter Head

Letter Head includes the name/logo/.address/Telephone/E-mail address and website of the company.

Sender’s Address

It is usually given in the letter head but if there is none, the Sender’s Name, Address and Contact details can be typed.

Date Line

The date is written in two styles:

  1. The British Method: 4th February, 2018
  2. The American Method: February 4, 2018

Current date formally written out as month, day, and complete year such as February 4, 2018

Never send a letter without a date.

Letter Head

Inside Address

It include:
Name of addressee/ receiver with title.
Address of Receiver.
Written on the left side beside the margin, two spaces below the date-line.
Inside Address


It’s a compliment or greeting.
Written beside the left hand margin, two spaces below the inside address and two lines above the body of the letter.
Followed by a comma (,) or a colon (:).



Begins two spaces below the salutation.

Contains the message or the information to be communicated.

It is divided into three parts:

  1. Introductory Paragraph
  2. Middle Paragraph
  3. Closing Paragraph


Complimentary Closing

It is the ending of the letter.
It is written two spaces below the last line of the body.
It is a polite way of saying “good bye”.
Formal:  Sincerely, Yours Faithfully

Complimentary Closing


Writer’s or sender’s hand written signature.
The sender signs the letter after it has been printed.


Writer’s Identification

It include the writer’s name with designation.

Writer’s Identification

Non Essential Parts

  1. Subject Line
  2. Attention Line
  3. Reference Number
  4. Reference Initial
  5. Enclosure
  6. Second Page Heading

Subject Line

Subject Line

Attention Line

When you want to direct a letter to specific
person/department in an organization, you
can use an attention line.
Example: For the attention of: Ms. Qurat-ul-Ain

Reference Number

Include a reference line to identify a file or case number,

Some companies have specific reference codes that they place either in a reference line below the date, or at the very bottom of the letter.



Reference Initial

If someone else has composed typed the letter for you, it is common for them to indicate so with initials.


SWA/KA – (composer/typist)



This line tells the reader to look in the envelope for more.

Write Enc./Encl./Enclosure below the signature block.
e.g. : Enclosure
Enclosures: 3

  1. CV
  2. Attested copy of NIC
  3. Attested Final Transcript

If you don’t enclose anything, skip it.

General Letter Layout/Styles of Letters

There are three layouts/styles of a letter:

  • Semi Block Style
  • Modified Block Style
  • Full Block Style

Another Example of Business Letters are Below

Example of Letters

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