Who are the Managers and Levels of Managers

Who are the Managers and Levels of Managers, Managers Definition, Managers are the individual who are responsible for coordinating and integrating activities of other people in the Organization. The classic definition of manager is “Leaders do the right thing and managers do things right.”. Manager work to archive the organization  goals by using limited resources such as people, money and etc in an efficient and effective way.

The difference between the manager and operative employee is that manager not directly perform day to day activities whereas the normal employee are directly perform day to day activities. Managers normally assign task and timelines  to the subordinates communicated in the form of plan. Subordinates start working on the assigned task but it is not necessary everything work according to the plan to make this thing nearly possible manager evaluate the progress and take corrective action if subordinates doing any mistakes.

Managers Definition

“Someone who coordinates and oversees the work of other people so that organizational goals can be accomplished”
“A manager is a person who is responsible for running part of or the whole of a business organization”
“The manager of a pop star or other entertainer is the person who looks after their business interests.”
“A person who conducts business or household affairs”
“A person who manages a business or organization”
“A member of the House of Representatives who acts as a prosecutor at the Senate trial in an impeachment proceeding”
“The manager of a sports team is the person responsible for training the players and organizing the way they play. In American English, manager is only used for baseball; in other sports, coach is used instead.”

Levels of Managers

There are different level of managers in traditional organizations which including first line managers, middle manager and top managers.

First Line Managers

First line managers are also know as supervisor are involve looking after day to day activities of operational activities. In manufacturing plant first line manager overlook the workers for production activities.

Middle Managers

Middle managers comes between first line and top managers, normally the middle managers are leading the team, department with designations such as head of department, team lead, product manager, floor manager and etc. Middle managers not directly look into every employee activity, they take reports from first line managers.

Top Managers

Top managers are responsible for taking broad decision and making long term strategies for the organization. They take feedback from the middle management before taking any decisions.These individuals typically have titles such as chief executive officer, chief technology officer, managing director, president, operating officer and chairman of board.

Levels of Managers

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