Okolie wipes out Watkins

Okolie wipes out Watkins. Watkins vs Okolie: Lawrence Okolie claims Commonwealth title with knockout of Luke Watkins. Lawrence Okolie delivered a devastating knockout of Luke Watkins to claim the Commonwealth cruiserweight title.The Hackney man again displayed his devastating power as Watkins was left flat on his back in the third round, with Okolie claiming his first major title in only his ninth fight.Okolie’s long reach was evident from the first bell as he fended off the watchful Watkins, who was forced to withstand a booming right hand.

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Okolie quickly found his range in the opening round


‘The Duke’ ducked low in the second, trying to find a way inside Okolie’s limbs, but was tagged by thudding body shots.Having gained the measure of Watkins, it was time for Okolie to close the show in the third and a massive right dropped his hurt opponent to the canvas.

Okolie watches as the fight was waved off
Okolie watches as the fight was waved off

The Swindon fighter bravely clambered to his feet, only to walk into a barrage of punches from Okolie, who blasted Watkins down by the ropes and the bout was swiftly waved off.

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