Marketing Strategy of Kenwood in Pakistan

Marketing Strategy of Kenwood in Pakistan, Kenwood Corporation is a Japanese company that designs, develops and markets a range of car audio, Hi-Fi home and personal audio, professional two-way radio communications equipment and amateur radio equipment.

Headquarters: Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan
Founded: December 1946, Komagane, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
CEO: Haruo Kawahara (May 14, 2014–)
Number of employees: 4,424 (2006)
Net income: 5.4 million USD (2014)
Parent organization:JVC Kenwood Holdings Inc.

Marketing Strategy of Kenwood in Pakistan

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Kenwood has a respectable place in the market as it is one of the market leaders in the industry of appliances operating globally. It’s been 13 years when Kenwood stepped into Pakistan market with the coalition of RNI electrical Appliances Pvt. Limited. Kenwood Provided Innovative solutions to consumers across the country in both Home and Kitchen Appliances having a state of art assembling facility in Karachi back in 2004. Kenwood Pakistan, since its inception, has focused on delivering high quality products followed with our innovative designs and our stand out engineering and technology aspects which has made all our products i.e. A.C, washing machine, refrigerators, freezers and kitchen appliances unique from other brands available in market.

Kenwood Pakistan was initially started with a company vision and till now we are having more than 500 employees and having 13 plus branches all around the country including our head office which is located in Karachi and our products can easily be found in almost every urban and majority of the rural areas of Pakistan.

Today, we are expanding in terms of innovations and technology as our ultimate objective is to give our consumers a healthy living with environmental friendly appliances.

Why Kenwood

Kenwood was founded on the guiding principles of quality, innovation and design. These principles remain steadfast today at the very heart of our company and our products.
They are also the reason that one Kenwood appliance is sold every three seconds across the world.

Chronological advancement of Kenwood

1947: Kenneth Wood set up a company, The Kenwood Manufacturing Company in his garage in working in the south of London – UK. Since then, all product design and the center of operations have been located in Great Britain. The first KENWOOD product ever launched was the A100, a toaster with a clever ability to turn over the toast.

1950: he invented the KENWOOD Chef. This innovative kitchen assistant was equipped with a unique and unusual system: 3 Outlets, each with a different power speed, making it possible to prepare an infinite number of delicious recipes in record time!  KENWOOD very quickly became an expert in food preparation.

1962: Kenwood moved to Havant close to Portsmouth – UK, to have a larger facility to produce more kitchen machines. The Kenwood chef then became a worldwide success.

1989: Kenwood invested in a factory based in China (Tricom).

1993: Kenwood group expanded by acquiring Waymaster then a year later, Ariete, an Italian manufacturer of steam products.

1997: the company now has more than 80 international distributors. Sadly Mr Kenneth Wood passed away, aged 81.

2001: Kenwood became part of the De’Longhi group strengthening its manufacturing, investment in new products and its international commercial network even further.

2009: Kenwood Invents the Cooking Chef. The first Kitchen Machine with a built in induction heating element, which cooks and mixes at the same time.

2014: Kenwood launches CHEF sense with a new approach on the way we connect with our customers, focusing more on an emotional connection on what Kitchen Machines can help you to achieve.
As stated in the Brand Fundamentals, Kenwood wants to be recognized as global market leader in Food Preparation.

Our mission is ‘To be the most loved and admired brand in food preparation’.

Kenwood already holds a position admired by many; leading the way both globally and locally in various categories of small domestic appliances.
At Kenwood we proudly design and manufacture cutting edge, stylish and efficient kitchen appliances since 1947.

As the expert in food preparation, our focus is to ensure every Kenwood product enhances your enjoyment of cooking, producing consistently high quality results with the greatest of ease. Whichever Kenwood product you choose, you can be sure to create the perfect dish every time.

Be Inspired

With the confidence to prepare great food for all occasions, you will find the versatility of our products really help you to create more. You will quickly discover new ideas, new dishes and new recipes to make every meal special.

Thanks to its timeless design, your Kenwood product will continue to grace your kitchen over generations. Our appliances’ looks are as durable as their quality build, guaranteeing an astute investment that will continue to delight years after years.


Quality: Durable, Kenwood product performance and quality of materials ensure that the products will last for many years and won’t let you down.

Innovation: Know how, 60 years of dedicated focus on the technology and skills required in food preparation have resulted in a peerless core competence for KENWOOD.

Design: Simple, Kenwood products have simple designs with classic forms and do not conform to fashion trends. This given them a timeless looks which reinforce their superior durability.

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